The International 2020

The International 2020 was awaited by many, as the event is already known to make millions of Dota fans happy every year. With a prize pool funded by battle passes, this year’s edition was expected to be even better than what we’ve seen so far, with more competitiveness and a much higher prize pool. But all changed because of COVID-19. Not only did the Dota 2 International get affected by it, but betting will not be fully possible until the event actually happens.
So, will The International 2020 get delayed?

Dota Team Announcement

There was an announcement made at the end of April regarding Dota 2 International. The tournament had to be delayed, all because of the danger of COVID-19. The choice was a difficult one, but they considered every other date possibility and scenario that would work out, and nothing seemed to work. All around the world, some restrictions make it impossible for some people to travel or gather in large groups. That would make the tournament hard to unfold under normal circumstances.
Because they weren’t confident enough to announce a date for the near future, the Dota team decided that a delay would be the best decision. They are not sure if it will happen this year. If it doesn’t happen, it may only take place in 2021.

What About Betting?

Esports betting sites are still willing to offer bets for the championships, which is amazing. Of course, it will all happen when the event also takes place, because you cannot gamble unless you have some teams to bet on.
Betting will be easy to perform as you can do it from the comfort of your home – so, there shouldn’t be any restrictions. Bets will feel amazing when they are finally possible again.

The Bottom Line

Whether the event will happen or not, cash is still being saved to make it work when it eventually happens. When it does, you will be able to make bets just like you did before. What’s more, it will feel even more entertaining given it was so awaited.