The International 2021

As known, The International 2021, one of the world’s largest dota 2 championships, will be held this year. Initially, this competition was scheduled for the previous year. Still, due to the pandemic, it was decided to postpone the tournament. Betting campaigns were postponed as well.

According to the latest information from the organizers, the greatest dota 2 international in history is scheduled for October 7-17. The total prize pool for this championship will be a record $40,000,000. This is an excellent opportunity for both participants, who have a chance to win, and fans, who can place great bets.

Initially, it was decided to hold the championship in Sweden. However, the authorities paid much attention to the safety of citizens. Therefore, they put some additional requirements on the organizers. Therefore, preliminary agreements led to the decision to make Bucharest the championship location. Dota 2 international fans will even be able to watch the performance of their favorites by personally attending the event.

During preliminary preparations for the technical part of The International 2021, it was decided to deprive all participating teams of their previously accumulated DPC points. In this regard, fierce battles arose for new portions of points in the dota 2 championship seasons 2020-2021 that will impact betting opportunities.

It was decided to hold the championship in a standard format for such events. Initially, 2 groups will be formed, including 9 teams, and only the best will reach the final. Esports Betting Sites are already actively accepting bets on the results of the group stage.